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Media Production's Footprint

The creation of ICT content - software and e-media - is part of ICT's footprint of resource input and waste output. A 2009 UK report, while dated, is still helpful in scoping the size and structure of media industry footprints.

Green IT Conferences Rebound

The number of Green ICT conferences had declined worldwide over four quarters, but we anticipated an increase in Q3 2014 based on listings in our directory of Green ICT conferences. This proved to be the case, when a surge of Green ICT conferences in Europe pushed global numbers back to earlier levels.

Greening the E-Media Industry

Electronic media infrastructures and gear are important components of global ICT as movies, television, music, and books all go digital. This post offers a global sampling of sustainability in e-media. See much more by clicking on the "Green media" tag, above.

London's Green Screen report offers a broadcast case study on how cutting e-waste also saves money. "A major news studio was annually spending c£25K on disposable batteries to power the wireless talk back units used by floor managers... following a successful trial, it was discovered that battery technology has evolved sufficiently to provide the necessary reliability, and senior management sanctioned the switch over. The investment in suitable rechargeable batteries cost £1.5K, and is delivering per annum savings of around £23K." Note that this is a 15X ROI in just the first year.

Green ICT Conferences

Upcoming Green ICT conferences and workshops around the world. We just added 2015 events in Bangalore, India and Madrid, Spain.

We have also included links to past conferences to aid your search for Green ICT materials.

Quiz: Which region has the most Green ICT conferences?

Contemplating Climate Change From Inside a Fallen Civilization

Anszazi dwelling A recent camping trip to remote Utah (USA) gave me a good chance to contemplate why we pursue Green ICT. I was surrounded by the remains of an ancient civilization that may well have succumbed to its own eco-disaster.

American ICT Companies Defend Green Policies to Political Conservatives

We report on the environmental activities of ICT manufacturers providers because their environmental footprints become 'embodied' in the gear and services we use and thus become part of our footprints. It is inevitable that, in polarized America, ICT companies' environmental positions draw fire from politically conservative organizations. We look at two examples, one involving Apple and the another involving large cloud service providers, and a dramatic move by one of the world's largest ICT companies.

Fairphone Addresses Mobile Device Sustainabiliy Issues

Fairphone positions its first product as "A seriously cool smartphone that puts social values first." The Netherlands-based company's phone addresses two important Green ICT issues for mobile devices: conflict minerals and e-waste.

Cold Storage Can Be Green Data Storage

Disk-based data storage, which can cost an organization $25/GB/month, offers Green ICT opportunities. We been tracking how people are reducing the impact of disk storage. This post looks at alternatives to disk storage for rarely used, event-driven data. This is known as Tier-3 storage and is particularly suited for 'offline' or 'cold' storage.

Green ICT in Government

Government entities have an important role to play in encouraging sustainable ICT across all industries. Effective leadership requires internal implementation, as well. The tag at the top of this post - government - helps you easily locate posts containing opportunities for and applications of Green ICT in government operations. (Green ICT in public education is found through the education tag.) Our latest update to this post is about new opportuities for sustainable purchasing in the the European public sector.

Global Green ICT Update: Asia-Pacific

Updates from Asia-Pacific. Click here for regional Green ICT updates from around the globe. Click on 'Asia-Pac' tag above for all news about the region. (Information about the ICT implications of Japan's earthquake and tsunami have been moved to its own post.) Our latest post looks as the challenges of tracking sustaining Green ICT initiatives in the region.

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