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Green ICT: The Broad Perspective (update)

@geekygreen, a rich source of information on Twitter about UK Green ICT, quotes a speaker at BSIGreenIT, "I would venture that 'Green IT' is actually 'Energy Efficient IT'." This references a reoccurring misconception well worth challenging.

Broadcasters' Energy Consumption

An article in Broadcast Engineering seems to imply that for most terrestrial broadcasters, their production studios consume more energy than their transmission chains (master control, STL, transmitter, tower, etc.). It would be useful to see the data on this, as this has bigger implications for the media industry than just Green ICT.

Energy Star for Computer Servers - It's Here!

EPA's Energy Star logoEnergy Star certification for computer servers has been in the works since 2007. Blogs, tweets, and articles have been prematurely announcing its release for the past couple of months, but we saw the first information trickle out of the EPA yesterday. And you can pick up a copy of the new requirements here.

Chasing Green ICT

I became interested in Green ICT after managing a business with ~100 servers for a weather app, so I took note of this story about UK Met Office's efforts. The Met Office is doing many of the right things, but here's the ironic bottom line:

Computer Power Management Resources

Energy Star logoRemote power management of computers is becoming an increasingly powerful tool to control energy consumption and carbon emissions. Behavioral techniques, like encouraging users to turn off their machines at the end of the day, are not always effective and may interfere with off-hours IT activities like upgrades. The Energy Star program now publishes a list of commercial and open-source power management products, along with success stories. Visit Energy Star's Power Management home page for an overview of resources for both organizations and individuals.

Global e-Green: Green ICT Around the World

Vertatique tags posts to track Green ICT challenges and progress outside of the United States:

Americas - North, Central, and South America outside of the United States
Asia-Pac - Asia, Australia, and the Pacific
Europe - Europe
ME-Africa - Middle East and Africa
dev-econ - information of particular interest to developing economies (ICT4D)
Green ICT resources in many languages

China: Low Green ICT Activity Tied to Internal Cost Allocation Practices

An IDC survey finds that "IT decision makers in the Asia/Pacific region reveal that when green requirements are specified in a request for proposal (RFP), only 9.7% of the respondents in China say that they are mandatory. Compared to the average of 35.3% in the Asia/Pacific countries…China appears to be lagging behind in its efforts to promote the green movement…" The reason offered is instructive for all organizations.

EU Standards: WEEE, RoHS, and more

EU Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive logo European Community Directives are being increasingly used by manufacturers to label their more sustainable products. Here's a quick review of 3 key directives and 5 codes of conduct:

EU Code of Conduct for Digital TV Services

The European Union established in late 2008 the EU Code of Conduct on Energy Efficiency of Digital TV Service Systems for "all companies dealing Digital TV Service Systems (service providers, broadcasters, STB manufacturers, silicon manufacturers, etc.)." We've added the companies that have signed the code to the Vertatique Media Products Directory.

Report: Desktop Power Mismanagement Costs $2.8B for US Alone

PC power management software company E1 reports that desktop power mismanagement costs costs the US alone $2.8 billion per year. Download E1's reports for the US, Germany, and the UK and read Mid-Market Innovators' analysis.

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