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Report: Desktop Power Mismanagement Costs $2.8B for US Alone

PC power management software company E1 reports that desktop power mismanagement costs costs the US alone $2.8 billion per year. Download E1's reports for the US, Germany, and the UK and read Mid-Market Innovators' analysis.

Broadcast TV Entirely By Wind?

Multichannel News reported that "KNTV in San Jose . . . is powered entirely by wind". This article is widely referenced on the web, including in a Wikipedia citation. I was curious about this statement, knowing that the transmission operation alone for a terrestrial television broadcaster typically draws tens of kilowatts of power on a 24/7 basis.

Router Study Highlights Need for Standards

Green for Good announced last fall that Ericsson/Redback's SmartEdge routers "use only 50% of the energy as compared to competitors, and deliver up to 3 times the environmental benefits in reduced carbon emissions." It is unclear who funded this study. Rival manufacturers challenged these results, reports Multichannel News.

The Surprising Scope of Personal E-Waste

E-devices are so pervasive in our lives that we might not consider the full potential of personal e-waste reduction. The British weighed in with a law that, according to Discover magazine, expands the e-waste definition to include electrical 'adult toys'. Individual manufacturers are also offering green devices.

The Complexities of e-Waste Disposal

The complexities of monitoring compliance with e-waste disposal regulations were illustrated last year in differing assessments from two different Federal agencies (GAO & EPA). The viewpoints are informative, but the bottom line is that responsible enterprises should complement government efforts by taking a careful look at exactly what their e-waste contractors are doing with the gear. The EPA provides information about what to expect from a good e-waste recycler.

Media Facilities Go Green with LEED

We're seeing a number of media facilities, an important part of ICT, pursuing LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification, including Plymouth Rock Studios, Second Line Stages, and The Weather Channel.

Earth Hour and Sustainable Use of Personal e-Devices

Earth Hour is an initiative sponsored by the World Wildlife Fund and others to raise awareness about global warming by asking individuals, municipalities, and businesses to turn off their lights for one hour (8:30PM local time, 28 Mar). Turning off our personal computers and e-devices appears to be a more complicated issue.

Plastic bottles and Green ICT

ICT facilities and event organizers alike can follow the lead of media industry organization Give A Glass. This is a "network of advertising agencies, production and post-production companies making a difference in our community and the world" whose members have declared that they "will no longer purchase individual, single-use plastic water bottles in the office from now on or on a specific shoot." ICT techies can apply this to those 'energy' drink bottles, too.

DTV e-Waste from Television Station Transmitters

The transition to digital television (DTV) will likely generate hundreds of tons of e-waste in the form of stations' old analog transmission equipment. Disposal of this equipment was never accounted for in industry or government DTV planning. Most of the equipment is towards the end of life-cycle and pending DTV transitions in Mexico and Canada are drying up what remains of the North American resale market.

Energy Efficiency Improvements in TV Converter Boxes

Vertatique raised the issue back in 2007 of increased home energy consumption and carbon emissions due to widespread deployment of digital-to-analog (DTA) converter boxes in 2009. Energy Star reports that "In the U.S. alone, depending on viewer behavior and product design, EPA estimates that conventional DTAs could consume more than 3 billion kilowatt hours (kWh) per year and cost Americans $270 million annually in additional electricity bills."  New DTA models hold hope for improving the situation.

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