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Sun Eco Podcasts

Those of us attuned to audio information can now get podcasts from Sun Micosystems, a company regularly covered by Vertatique. The podcasts cover green computing and other aspects of sustainability and technology. iTunes link:

Don't Forget Audio Conferencing

Vertatique has previously reported on web conferencing as an energy saving, carbon reducing technology. Audio conferencing is older and often delivers less of a sense of "presence", but remains a valuable green technology. Lloyds and KPMG report their results . . .

Innovative Energy Features on New Laptop

Here is an update on our past coverage of the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) initiative, courtesy of New York Times tech columnist David Pogue. He offers a detailed review of the new machine, dubbed the XO, including its innovative energy features:

Connecting for Health

One sign that it is still early days for green computing can be seen in the intersection, or lack thereof, of two UK initiatives . . .

WEEE and Biomed

Europe's Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) directive holds manufacturers "responsible for taking back and recycling electrical and electronic equipment.". While biomed device manufactures may have some short-term exemptions, the handwriting is on the wall . . .

Green IT: Clever Marketing or the Real Thing?

This question is the title of a recent story in CIO Insight. The article opens:

"Green IT" lets companies put on their eco-friendly faces and proclaim their love of the environment. It is also a bean counter's dream, in which innovative uses of hardware and software drive down energy and infrastructure costs. But is the former just clever marketing to wrap around the latter, which includes initiatives businesses would be taking anyway?

My immediate reaction: "Does it really matter?" . . .

Sustainability & Telecom

The Telecommunications industry is intertwined with both computing and e-media, so it is fitting that Vertatique expand its scope to include Telecom sustainability topics.

I'm following the recent announcement by the Telecommunications Journal of Australia of the Eckermann-TJA Prize . . .

Webex's Green Promotion

Online collaboration substituting for travel can be a key component of a green enterprise strategy. Collaborative service provider WebEx has a new promotion which makes the point, albeit in a somewhat confusing way . . .

Are Carbon Offsets a "Myth"?

A provocatively-titled paper The Carbon Neutral Myth - Offset Indulgences for Your Carbon Sins cast doubt on both the concept of achieving sustainability through offsets, as well as on organizations purporting to provide offsets.

I won't detail the arguments - read the paper for yourself - or summarize the ensuing debate. I will note that carbon offsets are a key element of many "sustainable" media productions highlighted in Vertatique and and we use these ourselves to offset the modest amount of electricity required to operate this site. See the comments below for some of the efforts to certify offseters.

More Green Location Practices

A movie, Sweetland, claims to be "the first independently produced American film that can be called carbon-neutral." The crew describe their on-location practices, which can be applied to all media location work:

". . . using sunlight instead of generators and film lights as often as possible; carpooling to the set; buying fewer airline tickets by not flying people home on the weekends; and being efficient with the schedule by “shooting out” a location before moving . . . to the next location."

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