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Linux as a Green Computing Tool?

Linux, which can often run on hardware what is under-powered for the new versions of Windows, is being touted as a way to extend the life of older machines and thus avoid both the impact of disposing of them as well as manufacturing new ones. Google searches of relevant keywords will turn up dozens of sites addressing everything from home users converting old PCs to corporate users configuring thin-clients for enterprise networks.

Virtual Worlds Leave a Real World Carbon Footprint

A video posted on Vertatique raised the issue of energy consumed by Massive Multiplayer Online Games (MMOG or MMO) like Second Life. Some of the assertions based on impact calculations may surprise you.

10 Simple Steps to a Green Data Center

This is the title of a presentation by Dave Douglas, the vice president of eco-responsibility at Sun Microsystems, based on experience at Sun's Broomfield CO data center. View the slideshow as published by CIO Insight.

Guidelines for Energy-Effiecient Data Centers

This is the title of a recently-released white paper from The Green Grid initiative. The paper provides a good overview of some of the contemporary ideas on how to create a "green data center", has a checklist to use in planning, and discusses some heat management techniques like Closely-Coupled Cooling. View the complete white paper.

Green Oscar?

The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) partnered with the producers of the 79th Annual Academy Awards "to significantly reduce the impact the telecast and related events had on the environment." Can this be a model for other event telecasts?

Chip Performance Limited By Energy & Heat

Insight from Sun Microsystems on why energy and heat are becoming a drag on computing performance . . .

Data Center Constraints Represent Sustainability Opportunity

The Gartner Group states that 80 percent of the world's data centers are constrained by heat, space, and power requirements, according to Sun Microsystems. If this drives many data centers to expand/move in the next few years, then many data centers will have a good opportunity to adopt a more sustainable way of doing business . . .

Dead Tree Media

I've sharpened Vertique's "media" focus specifically on electronic media (e-media).  Am I ignoring the paper elephant in the media room . . . ?

Who will drive innovation?

Vertatique commentor David Washburn  recently called our attention to a presentation by Sun Microsystems' CTO, which focused on the class of large computing users with high-growth demand. I was disappointed that the CTO only tangentially talked about power consumption, but his remarks got me thinking . . .

Greener Movie Productions

Paramount touted An Inconvenient Truth as the first carbon-neutral documentary and Syriana as the first carbon-neutral major motion picture.  What can we learn from these efforts . . .?

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