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Greening the E-Media Industry

Electronic media infrastructures and gear are important components of global ICT as movies, television, music, and books all go digital. This post offers a global sampling of sustainability in e-media; see much more by clicking on the "Green media" tag, above.

We advocate reuse of ICT products whenever possible. Reuse often requires refurbishing, a task performed by enterprises ranging from large charities like Computer Aid International to specialty business. The demise of the CRT in broadcasting has lead to the closure on one such business, Hawk-Eye Picture Tube Manufacturing of Des Moines (USA), the USA's last independent CRT rebuilder. TV Technology reports that "Hawk-eye has been known to the broadcast crowd for several decades, providing a budget-friendly alternative to factory replacement tubes for [broadcast monitors]…At one time, the United States boasted hundreds of CRT rebuilding operations. They existed both in the big cities and in small towns, filling an important niche…Typically, a CRT could be rebuilt and sold for one-half to two-thirds of the cost of an all-new tube." CRTs contain many toxins such as lead and other heavy metals and it appears most of CRTs obsoleted by the conversion to digital broadcast were not properly recycled. More: DTV & Green ICT, CRTs & Green ICT

'Internet of Things' Will Rerquire More Storage and Bandwidth

We've counted over 17 billion pieces of e-gear attached to the global ICT infrastructure. The 'Internet of Things' will increase this number five-fold by the end of the decade. Can technology keep up with the energy and resource demands?

Will the Tax Man Force Mega Data Centers to Literally Go Mobile?

Mega data centers are booming but operators from Microsoft to the NSA are learning something about the 'bust' side of the equation. It turns out big data centers can be big targets for the tax man.

E-Waste Goes A Long Way Back

An incident 30 years ago illustrates that e-waste is not a new problem. Atari, it seems, had millions of unsold cartridges of Pac-Man, E.T., and other games to dispose of. Here's what the company supposedly did back then and how various efforts are are elevating the dump site to mythic status. We keep updating this post - this is a story that will not die!

Storage Represents a Green ICT Opportuity

Much Green ICT focuses on computers: servers in the data center and desktops in the office. Don't forget that disk-based data storage, which can cost an organization $25/GB/month, also offers opportunities. Here's a look at the progress manufacturers and users have been making in recent years to manage data storage's energy consumption. The storage capacity of the United States National Security Agency's (NSA) new data center in Utah is a powerful reminder of the role storage plays in ICT facilities.

Green ICT in Government

Government entities have an important role to play in encouraging sustainable ICT across all industries. Effective leadership requires internal implementation, as well. The tag at the top of this post - government - helps you easily locate posts containing opportunities for and applications of Green ICT in government operations. (Green ICT in public education is found through the education tag.)

Newsweek's Green Rankings: ICT Continues to Lead Media and Others

ICT businesses continue to dominate Newsweek's 2012 Green Rankings of the top 500 US public companies, as they did in 2009-11 (see below). All five top 5 companies are in ICT sectors this year: IBM (#1), Hewlett-Packard (#2), Sprint Nextel (#3), and Dell (#4), CA Technologies (#5). All told, ICT sectors dominated the top 20 with a record 13 positions.

Greenest Telecom Providers

A number of sustainability rankings in the US and Europe let us take a look at how telecom providers perform compared to each other and to broader tech sectors. Sprint-Nextel is best in the United States. Sprint's take-back program was ranked tops in the US in 2012 and was the only carrier in the top quartile of Greenpeace's 2013 Cool IT Leaderboard. France Telecom, KPN and Vodafone have received consistently good marks with global rankings.

Data Centers Not Largest Locus of ICT Energy or Emissions

Most Green ICT attention focuses on the data center. There is growing evidence that data centers represent a minority of total ICT energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Gear for Resilient ICT

Here we track gear for consumers and small businesses seeking ICT resiliency. This is a wide range of ICT-related gear suitable for areas or situations lacking reliable grid power. Our latest is a portable stove uses twigs for fuel to cook and to charge a smartphone.

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