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Finding the Greenest Computer Monitors

Green-certified computer displays are now too numerous to present in table format. Here is how to find the most sustainable displays, including projectors, listed by two certification services.

EPEAT has certified over 580 displays for the United States as of April 2015 under its EPEAT Gold standard. This is an increase of ~14% in the past year.

Click here to learn more about correctly using the EPEAT database and finding EPEAT Gold products in ~20 other countries.

Sweden's TCO Development lists 141 TCO Certified Edge displays as of April 2015. This presents a slight increase over our account nine months ago. "Every TCO Certified Edge product meets all the requirements in TCO Certified for its product category and at least one of the additional TCO Certified Edge criteria..." TCO Certified Edge display vendors with the most models are Lenovo, NEC, Phillips, and Hewlett-Packard. Fujitsu recently joined the list with a single model.

TCO also lists 90 models certified under TCO Certified Projectors 1. This is an increase of ~17%. Models are all from NEC and Acer, both of which increase certified offerings There appear to be no TCO 'Edge' products in this class. EPEAT does not register projectors.