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Finding the Greenest Desktops

Eleven manufacturers are offering over 230 models of desktop computers in the EPEAT USA Gold database, about the same number as a year ago. Dell, HP, Lenovo, and Apple offer the most choices.

Sweden's TCO Development certified 32 products, down from a high of 80. Most manufacturers appear to have dropped out of TCO certification in this category; only Hewlett Packard and Lenovo now participate.

Germany's Blue Angel only lists models from Fujitsu.

Acer/Gateway and Phillips no longer offer qualifying models and have been removed from the list. Wyse is new to the list this year.

Blue Angel Nov 2014 [1]
Green Survey Jan 2011 [2]
Other [3]

TCOApril 2015 [6]
Apr 2015 [7]
Ace     D: 16 models
WD: 7 models
All-in-One   ID: 3 models
WD: 10 models
Apple     D: 12 models
ID: 27 models
ASUSTek Asus CS6110 (5.37) [2] D: 17 models
ID: 4 models
Dell OptiPlex 980 (5.41)[2] D: 18 models
ID: 6 models
WD: 6 models
Fujitsu 17 models [1]
E9900 (5.65) [2]
D: 5 models
TC: 1 model
Hewlett-Packard / Compaq 6005 Pro Ultra-slim (6.06) [2] ID: 7models D: 31 models
ID: 24 models
WD: 9 models
TC: 9 models
Lenovo D: 20 models
ID: 5 models
D: 16 models
ID: 5 models
WD: 8 models
TC:2 models
Samsung   D: 1 model
ID: 1 models
Toshiba     ID: 2 models
VeryPC Broadleaf [3]  
Wipro WSG59755W7 (5.02) [2]    
Wyse   TC: 1 model

[1] Blue Angel also lists two models each from IT Media Consult AG and Median AG.

[2] Greenpeace Survey rates products submitted by participating manufacturers on a 10-point scale. 8.23 is the hypothetical score of a "fictional product that combined the best features of all submitted products within each category." We report models scoring 5.0 or better; the score is shown in parenthesis.

[3] VeryPC cites endorsements from UK sustainability organizations for its Broadleaf desktops, including Energy Saving Trust

[6] TCO-certified models includes ones from "Certified Edge All In One PCs" ("ID:") and "Desktops 4 ("D:") categories. TCO certification includes social as well as environmental criteria. TCO claimed in February 2014, Apple declined to participate.

[7] EPEAT column includes Gold models of "Desktops" ("D:"), "Integrated Desktop Computers" ("ID:"), "Workstations"("WD:"), and "Thin Clients" ("TC:"). Click here to learn more about correctly using the EPEAT database and finding EPEAT Gold products in other countries.