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Finding the Greenest Office Equipment

Many of the Green ICT certification and registration sites cover categories of office equipment other than the major ones for which we publish separate articles. (See list to the right.) We just added shredders, calculators, and keyboards.

This table lists model counts and recognizes top-rated manufacturers.

EPEAT TCO Certified EcoLabel Blue Angel
Copier 8 Silver 10 (Brother)
Digital Duplicator 9 Silver
Fax Machine 3 Silver, 2 Bronze 0
Scanner 3 Gold (Canon), 83 Silver, 31 Bronze 0
Calculators Bandermann-3, Casio-1, Citizen-3, Genie-4, Moravia-4, Staples-2, TI-2
Shredders Cummins-4, HSM-14, K&P-11, MBM-8, SEM-6
Keyboards Cherry-2, Fujitsu-1

EPEAT counts are for the USA. Use the EPEAT search function for other countries.

Blue Angel names, above, are companies. Consult the site for brand names.

Multi-function printers, which include some of the above functions, are covered in the separate Greenest Printers article.