Finding the Greenest Printers

There is no excuse for an American business or individual not to purchase a GreenICT printer. There are over 1700 models to choose from in the United States. The options are fewer in the rest of the world.

The EPEAT Gold units number ~490 multifunction machines and ~90 printers for the USA. This is a huge improvement over 2015, when last we looked.

It is more difficult to find desirable units in the rest of the world. EPEAT does have models registered for various countries, but you have to do a specific country search to find them. TCO does not certify printers and The Blue Angel only lists nine models. ECOlabel is a better source, with ~140 multifunction machines and ~30 printers listed.


Four manufactures offer over 150 EPEAT Gold models in the United States. This is a significant improvement over a year ago. Lanier and Savin now offer EPEAT Gold models and both top the list with most models, closely followed by Konica/Minolta. Epson appears to no longer offer EPEAT Gold models.

GOLD April 2015
Canon   6 printer models, 12 MFD models  
Konica Minolta   1 printer model, 28 MFD models  
Lanier   3 printer models, 32 MFD models  
Ricoh   2 printer models, 19 MFD models  
Savin   3 printer models, 32 MFD models  
Xerox   1 printer model, 12 MFD models  

'MFD' refers to 'multi-function device', a printer which has fax and/or scanner capabilities.