Finding the Greenest Tablets

I reported in 2014 that I could find only one green certification program for tablets. The situation is a lot better today, with eight manufacturers offering top-ranked products.

EPEAT lists 82 Gold models for the United States. Manufacturers with the most offerings include Apple (30), Dell (18) and HP (14).

There are only three TCO Certified models from two different manufacturers. None are from Samsung, which had five TCO Certified models in 2014. Nordic Swan Ecolabel does not appear appear to certify any tablets. On the other hand, EPEAT lists twenty Gold models for Sweden.

Germany's Blue Angel does not appear appear to certify any tablets. By contrast, EPEAT lists twenty-four Gold models for Germany.


Sweden's TCO certifies 5 model lines of Samsung tablets. There is no way of telling if other vendors' products failed certification or if, as TCO claimed about Apple in February 2014, the manufacturer declines to participate. TCO certification includes social as well as environmental criteria.

Apple posts environmental statements for its iPad models, as it does for all products.

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