Greenest IT Vendors: Two Different Methods, Two Different Rankings

We've often noted how different sustainability rating yield different results. That's why we make the effort to contrast them in visual formats like the table below, comparing recent Computerworld and Newsweek rankings. The two agree on Fujitsu and HP, but don't always converge after that.

  Computerworld 2011
Top Green-IT Vendors
Newsweek 2011 Global
Info Tech & Services
Newsweek 2011 Global
Tech Equipment
Fujitsu 1 1
HP 2 2
Accenture 3 5
Microsoft 4 8
Qualcomm 5
IBM 6 1
Intel 7 9
BT 8 1*
SAP 9 4
Interap N. S. 10
Dell 11 5
Avnet 12
Tata C. S. 2
InfoSys 3
Wipro 6
Cognizant 7
Nokia 3
Samsung 4
Toshiba 6
Alcatel-Lucent 7
NEC 10
Ericsson 11
Motorola 12
Hitachi 13

Computerworld's Top Green-IT Vendors are listed in published order.

Newsweek's Global 500 ranks IT companies in two separate categories. We took companies from both categories with an overall score of 70.0 or better and listed their rankings within each's respective category. (Newsweek scored Microsoft at only 67.6, but we noted its ranking for comparison purposes.) * Newsweek ranks BT in a separate Telecommunications category, where it is #1.

Both publications offer their methodologies online.

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