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Vertatique Online - 2015

The book Green Communications: Principles, Concepts and Practice cites "ICT at 10% of Global Electricity Consumption?".

The University of South Dakota (USA) cited our article Mega Data Centers in the paper "Data Center Energy Systems: Current Technology and Future Direction".

Google Taiwan cited our article Average Power Use Per Server in Reduce Server Power Consumption by 11%.

The First IEEE International Workshop on Green Standardizations and Industry Issues for ICT and Relevant Technologies (GSICT 2015) is syndicating Vertatique content on its web site home page.

Vertatique Online - 2014

Swedish Enterprise energy management specialists cited our article Is PUE Still Above 2.0 for Most Data Centers? in September 2014.

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Information Society Observatory of the Information for All Programme curated our article Container-Based ICT For Developing Countries in June 2014 as a global resource.'s Business Calculator uses server energy data form the Vertatique site.

We were cited in Drake University's May 2014 Think Mag article Feeling Lucky? Google is redefining sustainability one click at a time.

The COE United Parallel Processing Discussions blog cited us in the post "Optimize Compilers". Original post: More Efficient Supercomputers.

Wikipedia Citations

We are gratified that people use our work to enrich Wikipedia.

Container-Based ICT For Developing Countries cited as a reference in Wikipedia entry about ZubaBoxes, a community computer center for remote areas made from a shipping container (Aug 2013).

Carbon Footprint of a DVD cited as a reference in Wikipedia entry about EcoDisc (Sep 2010).

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Vertatique Online - 2012

Post Magazine Sources Vertatique Perspective on Media Industry

Matt Peterson runs the Website Veratique (, which focuses on greening tips and research regarding the post, broadcast and IT industries. He says, “Our analysis of national and global corporate sustainability rankings show that IT and communications companies typically outnumber media companies five to one in the top tiers. This is now changing, meaning more pressure is on media service operations to adopt sustainability specific to production and post workflows. Over 30 percent of facilities tell us that they already have such sustainability programs. These include requirements for hardware vendors, primarily focused on energy consumption and hazardous waste reduction.”

Vertatique Online - 2010

Vertatique analysis of ICT gear life-cycle C02e cited in presentation How educational institutions can provide national leadership in reducing CO2 (Nov 2010, Netherlands)

Direction Informatique cited our post Swiss Data Center Heats Municipal Swimming Pool in its article Centres de données: Des initiatives planétaires (Jul 2010, Canada)

Consumer media device recycling analysis featured by International Electronics Recovery Coalition (IERC) (Sep 2010, Canada)

Analysis cited by Green Cloud CEO Eirikur Hrafnsson in ZDNet post "58% Coal is still 58% Coal" (Sep 2010, Iceland)

Original work cited in ITBusinessEdge's "Time to Make Peace with PUE?" (Sep 2010, USA)

Referenced in CRN's "SSDs Jump to the Next Level" (Aug 2010, USA)

Diary of a Smart Chick reviews Vertatique (Jul 2010, USA)

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