Outside Magazine on Green Media

The Revolution Will Be Televised in the April edition covers green television programming and green media practices widely reported elsewhere and covered in previous Vertatique posts. But its conclusion is thoughtful . . . .

"Is Hollywood's green makeover more symbol than substance? Well, sure. None of these virtuous (and self-congratulatory) endeavors will do much to slow global warming or save the Amazon rainforest. Conservatives who blame Hollywood for molding public opinion are giving it too much credit; entertainment tends to mirror or reinforce ideological shifts rather than create them."

"But sometimes symbolic gestures are important. Image and spectacle—Hollywood's true products—are among the principal engines of postmodern capitalism. . . . If the entertainment world is starting to sound the alarm about our crisis, to imagine a more sustainable relationship between humans and our planet, the rest of us are, too. Imagination, of course, is not enough. But it's not a bad start."