1200+ EPEAT Gold Products to Choose From in the USA

EPEAT® - "the definitive global registry for greener electronics" - simplifies its twenty-three required IEEE 1680 criteria and twenty-eight optional ones into a simple Bronze-Silver-Gold designation. EPEAT Gold models meet all required criteria and at least 75% of the optional ones. ~20* manufacturers are now offering over 1200* EPEAT Gold products registered for the United States.

EPEAT Gold manufacturers and category-specific links to the EPEAT database are included in the first three "Greenest E-Gear" categories to the right. (The EPEAT site notes, "Standards are currently in development through the IEEE for Imaging Equipment (printers, copiers, fax machines) and for Televisions, and EPEAT expects to add these products to the registry in 2012.")

Learn how to use the 'Exceptions' field in a model's EPEAT database listing to avoid purchasing an out-of-compliance configuration.

Over a dozen manufacturers have machines certified under ENERGY STAR for Servers. EPEAT does not currently include servers.

Locate hundreds of EPEAT Gold products registered outside USA.

* These numbers may decrease. EPEAT's Sarah O'Brien told me last year:

The start of the computer standard update will occur later this year (2010). The outcome of that process – an updated 1680.1 computer standard, with additional and revised criteria – will make it more challenging to attain higher tier registrations, and so may shrink the ranks of Gold registered products for a time…hard to anticipate exact end dates for stakeholder processes…