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A Wealth of Data Center Data

The McKinsey / Uptime Institute report Revolutionizing Data Center Efficiency, available as both a PowerPoint and a podcast, contains a wealth of current and projected data on energy utilization and GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions, including information about what various enterprises are doing. Among its findings:

Green Skepticism

I'm under no illusion that enterprises don't try to secure advantage from the green initiatives featured in Vertatique and I believe it is appropriate for an organization to credibly promote its meaningful progress toward sustainability. But those seeking to do so should be mindful that they are facing a skeptical and savvy audience, according to a survey from Burst Media:

Data Centers' Energy Disconnect

Citing industry and government sources, Baseline reports that "facility costs have climbed from about 2 percent of budgets to 5 percent . . . that number will zoom up to 30 percent within just a few years . . . data center power consumption is due to significantly increase in just the next three years, by at least 40 percent." Are CIO's responding by deploying the ever-growing range of technologies and practices that they can find here at Vertatique?

The 2008 Green Media Summit

Media industry practitioners can access audio and slide presentations of the sessions at the 2008 Green Media Summit. The focus is on media replication, packaging, and distribution, but other topics are covered during the day-long program.

Green Storage

I saw a trade show exhibit touting "Green Storage". Turns out the storage array manufacturer had a scheme for selectively powering down individual disks as appropriate to the application.

Energy-saving technologies are good and, in one sense, are inherently green. But the web site of the company in question did not present an overall sustainability strategy for its products or operations. Nor does this company appear to be a participant in the SNIA Green Storage Initiative.

When marketing "green", where is the line between commitment and hype?

Supply Chain Evaluation Tools

Vertatique has noted the trend toward businesses tracking the environmental impact of their supply chains. These enterprises are finding any increasing array of tools to help them do this. For example, supply chain application software provider ILOG now offers a Carbon Footprint Extension to help companies analyze and minimize carbon emissions. ILOG has partnered with Accenture to offer a webcast series about green supply chains.

Sell Your Consumer e-Waste?

Responsible consumers are finding more options available for recycling their e-waste. One innovative approach is, which offers cash for iPods, iPhones, and game consoles, including broken items. Most existing services just accept e-gagets as donations or even charge for disposal. Here's what I learned when I did a obsolete gadget sweep:

Website Statement of Sustainable Computing

A "Website Statement of Sustainable Computing" tells your stakeholders what you are doing to minimize your website's energy consumption and carbon footprint. Here's a checklist you can use to construct your own statement, followed by a statement example:

Broadband applications' contribution to sustainable work/life

Vertatique usually focuses on creating a more sustainable e-world, so it is worth occasionally noting that the e-world itself can be more sustainable than physical alternatives.  A recent study by the American Consumer Institute finds that "wide adoption and use of broadband applications can achieve a net reduction of 1 billion tons of greenhouse gas over 10 years, which, if converted into energy saved, would constitute 11% of annual U.S. oil imports." The report cites these specific opportunities, among others:

Green Tech becoming major investment focus

Green IT, media, and devices are all components of the "Green Tech" business category. A new survey of venture capitalists by KPMG puts this category at the forefront of 2008-2009 investment activity.

"When asked to identify the industry sectors that would receive the most capital over the next two years, 24 percent indicated greentech/cleantech, which was followed by biotech/pharmaceuticals at 15 percent, Internet services at 13 percent, and mobile technology was cited by 11 percent."

Meanwhile, Cleantech Network data shows that investment in this sector has grown over 5X in recent years and is on a doubling run rate.

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