We are seeing a massive deployment of ICT infrastructures across the globe with tens of billions of devices being attached. It is critical that the creation and operation of all be as sustainable as possible or ITC's potential for driving Clean Tech in all other sectors will be undermined. That is the goal of Green ICT!

Matt PetersonThe Vertatique mission is to provide information and services to enterprises creating and using ICT. We provide industry analysis, business information, education and training strategic and market planning, stakeholder communications programs, and sustainability initiative management to materially leverage your in-house capabilities without the need for additional fixed expense.

Vertatique draws on my work in electronic media, telecommunications, and information technology. When I built out my first ICT facility in the early 1980s, controlling capital expense, not operating costs, was the principal economic driver. Twenty years later, I found myself co-founder and president of an Internet company that had ~100 computers running in a data center. I became acutely aware of how our power and cooling load was reflected in our monthly services bills, which in turn was the principal driver of our CGS.

I'm an analyst as well as executive, so I applied the perspectives of both roles to dig deeper into ICT sustainability. I created the Vertatique initiative so others could benefit from what I have learned and what I have done. Targeted use of social media has given us global reach.

I look forward to hearing about what you want to do to harness Green ICT for your enterprise.

Matt Peterson
SWI / Vertatique
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