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Are the World's Most Populous Countries on the Path to Green ICT?

The 20 most populous countries comprise about half of the world's population. Yet 18 of these lie outside of what is generally perceived as the North American/Western Europe Green ICT nexus. These nations aspire to rapidly build out their ICT infrastructures. Nigeria, for example, already has GSM networks connecting ~50 million phones; over 130 radio and television broadcasters; domestic communications networks utilizing satellites, coastal submarine cable, land fiber, and microwave relays; and international connectivity via satellites and submarine cable.

These countries' ICT build-outs will have a significant future impact on global energy, carbon, and e-waste. Yet we hear very little about GreenICT challenges or progress in these countries. Go to our Global Green page to see what we've learned and to contribute by posting information about these countries.

The 18 countries, listed left-to-right in order of descending population, are:

China India Indonesia Brazil
Pakistan Bangladesh Nigeria Russia
Japan Mexico Philippines Vietnam
Ethiopia Egypt Turkey Democratic Republic of the Congo
Iran Thailand

A highlighted country name links to Green ICT information about that country.

Update 2009.09.06:
The "BRIC" countries refer to four emerging economies that represent over 40% of the world's population and have enjoyed above-average economic growth. Are they building a Green ICT foundation? Look at Brazil, Russia, India, and China through the above list: signs of substantive progress are few. Green ICT products are absent for Russia and India in the new EPEAT international registry.