Memory at Very Small Scales

Two technology advances point to the promise of more more energy-efficient memory. One is described as "nanoscale", the other "atomic scale". The latter comes with a video.

IEEE Spectrum reports,"A team of scientists at Stanford University has used carbon nanotubes to create nanoscale versions of two next-generation memory technologies constructed tiny versions of two different types of memory...that are being eyed as eventual successors to flash — resistive random-access memory (RRAM) and phase-change memory (PCM)...The team’s PCM [switchs with] less than one-hundredth the current used in today’s PCM cells"

IBM Research announced that it has created 1 bit of storage out of just 12 atoms. "The computer you're working on stores one bit of data in about 1 million atoms. With atomic-scale magnetic memory, 12 is the new million...By studying the behavior of atoms, researchers can identify crucial factors for building smaller, faster and more energy-efficient devices for business and consumers." Watch the video, below.

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Image courtesy IBM