Bloom Laptop: E-Gear With An Exit Strategy

The Chronicle of Higher Education reports "A group of seven graduate students, from Stanford University and Finland’s Aalto University, created a prototype of a recyclable laptop…the Bloom laptop…is made mostly of materials that can be recycled alongside ordinary household items, like metal, plastic, and glass. Materials like LCD screens and circuit boards, which need to be sent to specialized recycling facilities, can be easily separated in a few steps."

The unit can be disassembled in less than 2 minutes using 10 steps, compared to 45 minutes and 120 steps for a conventional laptop. More information can be found on the web site of Autodesk, the project's sponsor.

Size and weight remain design challenges to overcome, but the whole project speaks to the importance of every piece of e-gear being designed with an 'exit strategy'. It will we important to see if any laptop manufacturers incorporate Bloom's design elements into production models.