Broadcasters' Energy Consumption

An article in Broadcast Engineering seems to imply that for most terrestrial broadcasters, their production studios consume more energy than their transmission chains (master control, STL, transmitter, tower, etc.). It would be useful to see the data on this, as this has bigger implications for the media industry than just Green ICT.

We saw how complex the issue is when we dug into the reality of trade reports that KNTV was "powered by entirely wind". The issue's broader implications come from the rapidly diverging value propositions for terrestrial broadcasters' roles in their communities as both content creator and content distributor. Properly matching cost with value for each role is becoming critical.

I welcome the growing interest of all industries' traditional trade media in the topic of Green ICT; pairing this interest with an investment in solid data and insightful analysis will best serve their readers.

See also: "Carbon Footprint of a TV Station's Viewers".

TV Studio Lighting

@ecologee has called my attention to a German television talk show for which conventional studio lights were replaced by neon lights during most of the program. The production reports a 99.5% reduction in lighting energy consumption. You can see the transition, a distinct blue cast to the image, a little after 9:40 into this clip:

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