Can Flow Routing Reduce Power Consumption and Improve A/V Performance?

ARPANET pioneer Lawrence Roberts notes that "we’re seeing an explosion applications...[but] traditional IP packet routers...treat the video packets as loose data entities when they ought to treat them as flows." He advocates 'flow routing' to improve network routing and to reduce its power consumption, claiming that "in a traditional router the routing and queuing chips consume 80 percent of the power and space".

His company's flow router (Anagram FR-1000) purportedly " the total power of a comparable router, and occupies...a tenth of the space...[It] allows network operators to reduce their operating costs per gigabit per second by a factor of 10." Of particular note to Vertatique's telecom and media followers: "Measurements... showed that networks equipped with the flow manager were able to carry many more streams of voice and video without quality degradation."

As Anagram CEO, Roberts is not a disinterested party and it is worth reading the many comments attached to the above-linked advocacy article. He also publishes on his own web site.

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