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Canada's Green Network Has Asian Node

I wrote of the launch of Canada's GreenStar Network over two years ago. The announcement of an Asian node late last year in this "zero-carbon" network is a measure of the project's progress since then.

GreenStar Network partner Prompt reports that the "launch of the first Asian node of a zero-carbon telecommunications network prototype [is] a scientific collaboration between the Shanghai Research Center for Wireless Communications (WICO)…and the GreenStar Network (GSN)…" GSN already has nodes in Europe and the United States.

Image courtesy GSN

Images from GSN/WICO demo
WICO's English web site
Prompt's Green ICT initiative, Equation
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Original post from 2009

Canada’s Advanced Research and Innovation Network (CANARIE) is funding the GreenStar Network, whose goal is "to develop the world's first internet network, where the network nodes will be powered entirely by wind and solar energy." I welcome CANARIE's $2 million commitment to spur progress in the 'CT' side of Green ICT.