Cisco Green ICT Goals and Tactics

Cisco is consistently a sustainability leader among ICT vendors. Among Cisco's new Greenhouse Gas Reduction Goals announced in February 2013 is one tied to the issue of siting data centers:

...we wanted to address stakeholder concerns that we site our facilities—particularly data centers—in regions that don’t rely on "dirty" electricity (i.e., coal). We have 15 to 20 criteria for facility siting, each weighted less than 10% of the total siting score. We don’t have decision gates, such as “no coal,” but think we can address the underlying concern by focusing on electricity emissions factor.
Reduce Cisco’s FY2017, net, consumption-weighted, electricity emission factor to half of the latest International Energy Agency (IEA) world average emission factor publicly available before the end of FY2017.
If all companies (and individuals!) were able to cut their electricity emissions factor in half, all energy-related emissions would drop by 20%.

2008 Post

I look for green commitments that strive for significant progress against a organization-wide baseline in a short timeframe. Networking equipment manufacturer Cisco's objective of "reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from its worldwide operations by 25 percent over the next four years, reaching its goal in absolute terms by 2012" is one of those crisp goals. It's no surprise that Cisco's approach is strong on Green ICT tactics that many organizations can emulate.