Data Centers' Energy Disconnect

Citing industry and government sources, Baseline reports that "facility costs have climbed from about 2 percent of budgets to 5 percent . . . that number will zoom up to 30 percent within just a few years . . . data center power consumption is due to significantly increase in just the next three years, by at least 40 percent." Are CIO's responding by deploying the ever-growing range of technologies and practices that they can find here at Vertatique?

No, according to a survey by the Business Performance Management Forum (BPMF) . The Forum reports that, energy consumption is still rising in most facilities, goals are modest, and "Almost two-thirds of respondents have no specific green plans in place for the data center." This is despite the Forum's findings that "it's not cost-prohibitive to operate an environmentally sound data center, and can help save money in the long term." The BPMF is a sponsor of the Lean & Green initiative.