Dead Tree Media

I've sharpened Vertique's "media" focus specifically on electronic media (e-media).  Am I ignoring the paper elephant in the media room . . . ?

Yes, but deliberately so.  The energy consumed, carbon emitted, and waste generated by paper-based media (p-media) are all undeniably huge. The paper industry ranks up near the top of the list of carbon-emitting manufacturing sectors.

But the bigger the problem, the more obvious it is, as are the opportunities. As a long-time e-media practitioner, I thought it best it focus on my own industry, where the issues and upsides are not as obvious. And e-media is a high-growth industry, while p-media is not; a focus on e-media sustainability now will have increasing value in the future.

A New York times article last fall gave a pretty good overview of the state of sustainability in p-media.