Does Green ICT Gear Harbor Spyware?

Sometimes Green ICT intersects with other news in surprising ways. Bloomberg reports that an "...attack by Chinese spies reached almost 30 U.S. companies, including Amazon and Apple, by compromising America’s technology supply chain..." The article, The Big Hack, claims that an energy-efficient server board may be the culprit.

"At Supermicro, We Keep IT Green®" is the server company's slogan on its Green Computing page. The page presents the energy-efficient features and cost savings advantages of Supermicro's products. The result is that Supermicro is now said to be the third-largest global supplier of servers.

The alleged espionage tactic is called 'seeding' - inserting spyware early in the supply chain. Bloomberg claims, "The chips had been inserted during the manufacturing process, two officials say, by operatives from a unit of the People’s Liberation Army. In Supermicro, China’s spies appear to have found a perfect conduit for what U.S. officials now describe as the most significant supply chain attack known to have been carried out against American companies."

All the major parties named by Bloomberg have issued deniels. Read the statement from Supermicro.

Slate speculates, "Though the story appears solid, Apple and Amazon are flat-out denying it, maybe because the two companies are under strict orders from the U.S. government not to discuss the investigation, or maybe just because they are hoping to maintain friendly relations with China."