Energy Stewards™ for Data Centers

Energy Stewards™ for Data Centers is a new energy improvement capability for operators of buildings containing data centers and other ICT facilities
- based on established Energy Stewards web tool for continuous energy improvement
- incorporates latest Data Center enhancements to EPA ENERGY STAR® for Buildings
- integrates with latest ENERGY STAR building Portfolio Manager
- improves energy use in both stand-alone data centers and in data center spaces within office and institutional buildings
- can be used to improve energy use in for a range of ICT facilities in telecom, media, healthcare, and other sectors
- ICT-specific actions to improve ICT-related energy use
- ideal for businesses and institutions seeking to confirm best practices across multiple buildings

Energy Stewards for Data Centers is a collaboration between two established technology and service providers:

Rapid Improvements Associates
- Creators of the Energy Stewards platform
- Years of experience helping public institutions and private enterprise monitor and improve energy efficiency
- Provides engineering and project services to support Energy Stewards user' initiatives
- Global provider of information services about Green ICT technologies, practices, and issues through
- Years of experience with information, telecommunication, and media technologies
- Provides education, project services, and stakeholder communications to support Energy Stewards users' initiatives

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