Environmental Specs of the Mac Mini

We recently took a look at the environmental aspects of Apple's new iPhone4. How does the new Mac mini (MC270) perform?

The Mac mini Environmental Report lists some of the same features as the iPhone. It is BFR-free and uses PVC-free internal cables. (No word on PVC in the power cable.) Apple offers free recycling under certain conditions. The Mac Mini is registered as an EPEAT Gold product in five countries (US, Canada, France, Germany, UK).

The Mac mini claims ~90% power supply efficiency, with an off-use power drain ranging from ~9W (idle) to ~0.2W (off). Apple says, "Mac mini exceeds the ENERGY STAR Program Requirements for Computers Version 5.0 with an 80 percent margin." We're not aware of another desktop that equals these power specs.

Apple reports a life-cycle CO2e of 270 kg, about 5X that of a new iPhone. (I assume that these numbers are for the Mac mini alone and do not include the display* and other items required for its use.)

Apple attributes only 39% of that CO2e to consumer use, which is about a mid-range percentage for consumer use CO2e from Apple products. See Mac mini's CO2e when used as a server, a configuration which is also an ENERGY STAR server.

* Apple's 24-inch LED Cinema Display emits 980kg life-cycle CO2e, with 56% coming from consumer use. Hook this display to your Mac mini for a carbon footprint ~5X that of the Mac mini, alone! This computer/display combo has almost 2X the footprint of a MacBook Pro 17”.