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Finding the Greenest Desktops

A look at major certification programs in the United States and Europe shows a significant increase in the number of certified models over the past few years. Desktops, workstations, and related configurations are a declining market, so it is a positive sign that manufacturers are still certifying their latest products.

There are 254 EPEAT USA Gold models in the EPEAT database, an increase of ~9% over the counts for the past few years. A variety of manufacturers are represented in the category.

Sweden's TCO Development lists 211 TCO Certified models, more than 5X the counts for the past few years, with more manufacturers represented..

Germany's Blue Angel and the Nordic Ecolabel list no models in this class.


There are over 230 EPEAT USA Gold models in the EPEAT database, similar to the 2015 number.

Sweden's TCO Development lists 39 TCO Certified models, up slightly from the 2015 number. All but 2 models are from Lenovo or Dell.

Germany's Blue Angel lists 33 models, all but 5 models are from Fujitsu.

Nordic Ecolabel lists no models in this class.

There continues to be considerable divergence in certification programs. In contrast to the Swedish and German numbers, above, EPEAT list 117 Gold models for Sweden and 185 for Germany. This can be due to differing standards and/or manufacturers' willingness to undertake some certification programs.


Eleven manufacturers are offering over 230 models of desktop computers in the EPEAT USA Gold database, about the same number as a year ago. Dell, HP, Lenovo, and Apple offer the most choices.

Sweden's TCO Development certified 32 products, down from a high of 80. Most manufacturers appear to have dropped out of TCO certification in this category; only Hewlett Packard and Lenovo now participate.

Germany's Blue Angel only lists models from Fujitsu.

Acer/Gateway and Phillips no longer offer qualifying models and have been removed from the list. Wyse is new to the list this year.

Blue Angel Nov 2014 [1]
Green Survey Jan 2011 [2]
Other [3]

TCOApril 2015 [6]
Apr 2015 [7]
Ace     D: 16 models
WD: 7 models
All-in-One   ID: 3 models
WD: 10 models
Apple     D: 12 models
ID: 27 models
ASUSTek Asus CS6110 (5.37) [2] D: 17 models
ID: 4 models
Dell OptiPlex 980 (5.41)[2] D: 18 models
ID: 6 models
WD: 6 models
Fujitsu 17 models [1]
E9900 (5.65) [2]
D: 5 models
TC: 1 model
Hewlett-Packard / Compaq 6005 Pro Ultra-slim (6.06) [2] ID: 7models D: 31 models
ID: 24 models
WD: 9 models
TC: 9 models
Lenovo D: 20 models
ID: 5 models
D: 16 models
ID: 5 models
WD: 8 models
TC:2 models
Samsung   D: 1 model
ID: 1 models
Toshiba     ID: 2 models
VeryPC Broadleaf [3]  
Wipro WSG59755W7 (5.02) [2]    
Wyse   TC: 1 model

[1] Blue Angel also lists two models each from IT Media Consult AG and Median AG.

[2] Greenpeace Survey rates products submitted by participating manufacturers on a 10-point scale. 8.23 is the hypothetical score of a "fictional product that combined the best features of all submitted products within each category." We report models scoring 5.0 or better; the score is shown in parenthesis.

[3] VeryPC cites endorsements from UK sustainability organizations for its Broadleaf desktops, including Energy Saving Trust

[6] TCO-certified models includes ones from "Certified Edge All In One PCs" ("ID:") and "Desktops 4 ("D:") categories. TCO certification includes social as well as environmental criteria. TCO claimed in February 2014, Apple declined to participate.

[7] EPEAT column includes Gold models of "Desktops" ("D:"), "Integrated Desktop Computers" ("ID:"), "Workstations"("WD:"), and "Thin Clients" ("TC:"). Click here to learn more about correctly using the EPEAT database and finding EPEAT Gold products in other countries.