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Finding the Greenest Office Equipment

Many Green ICT certification and registration programs cover categories of office equipment other than the major ones for which we publish separate articles. (See list to the right.) Our latest update revealed no new categories and no overall increase in the number of models available. We also note an EPA-recognized toner cartridge remanufacturing initative.

This table lists model counts and recognizes top-rated manufacturers.

EPEAT [1] TCO EcoLabel Blue Angel [3]
Calculators 19 (Genie, Moravia, Bandermann, Citizen, Staples, Texas Instruments, Casio)
Copiers 1 Gold (Hewlett Packard), 2 Silver 12 (Brother)
Digital Duplicators 9 Silver
Fax Machines 3 Silver
Headsets 93 (Plantronics,Jabra) [2]
Keyboards 6 (Cherry, Fujitsu)
Outlet Strips 5 (Brennenstuhl, BAT)
Projectors 57 (Epson, Casio) [2]
Shredders 22 (HSM, Krug & Priester)
Telephone Systems 5 (Auerswald, Unify)
Toner Cartridges (Remanufactured) 11 (Clover, Armor, Memo)

[1] Information is for USA-only. Use the EPEAT registry search function for other countries.
[2] Count is for models with unexpired TCO certification under a prior generation standard. There are no models listed as "latest generation" certified.
[3] Blue Angel names are companies. Consult the site for brand names.
Multi-function printers, which include some of the above functions, are covered in the Greenest Printers article.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency's 2018 Sustainable Materials Management (SMM) Electronics Challenge recognized Xerox with a Champion Award in the Non-Product category for its strategy for take-back and remanufacturing of its toner cartridges and other imaging products. "Remanufactured cartridges contain an average of 90 percent reused or recycled parts, which saves up to 80 percent of the energy that would be required to produce a new cartridge and keeps an average two pounds of used materials from winding up in landfills...In 2017, the takeback program reused 725 tons of material, recycled 1,050 tons, sent 134 tons to waste-to-energy facilities, and kept all material out of the landfill. Xerox’s calculated GHG benefits are equivalent to: taking more than 300 vehicles off the road for one year; or providing electricity to more than 200 homes for one year; or switching more than 50,000 incandescent bulbs to LEDs..." The EPA citation does note that " Xerox reports that they remanufacture about 50 percent by volume of the used cartridges that are returned to them", but offer no explanation for the lower rate.


EPEAT TCO Certified EcoLabel Blue Angel
Copier 8 Silver 10 (Brother)
Digital Duplicator 9 Silver
Fax Machine 3 Silver, 2 Bronze 0
Scanner 3 Gold (Canon), 83 Silver, 31 Bronze 0
Calculators Bandermann-3, Casio-1, Citizen-3, Genie-4, Moravia-4, Staples-2, TI-2
Shredders Cummins-4, HSM-14, K&P-11, MBM-8, SEM-6
Keyboards Cherry 2, Fujitsu 1
Remanufactured Toner Cartridges Armor-1, Clover-9, Memo-1
Telephone Systems Auerswald-1, Unify-1
Multiple Outlet Strips BAT-1, Brennenstuhl-4