Green ICT and Security

Green ICT is linked to all sorts of security issues, from national security to resource insecurity. The latest insight is about e-waste and data security.


Arrow Value Recovery's Protecting Corporate Data at Disposition infographic asserts, "Data security is the single most important aspect of any IT asset disposition program. Each PC, laptop, server, storage system, or mobile device retired poses a potential data security risk, presenting an opportunity for sensitive personal and corporate information to be compromised. Monetary fines and damage to brand equity can quickly mount, costing organizations millions of dollars...once an IT asset is removed from the organization’s network, its data no longer resides within the protection of network or firewall security and is at higher risk for loss."


Used electronics parts extracted from e-waste and resold as new threaten the security of military, transportation, medical, and ICT systems.

Resource insecurity of metals used in ICT don't only threaten long-term tech product supply and cost. It ties directly to Green ICT issues like e-waste and conflict minerals.