Green ICT Art and Craft

Green ICT is serious business, but it does not have to be solemn. We periodically take a look at the humorous and the quirky and, in this post, Green ICT-themed art and crafts. The most recent pieces are e-waste craft projects.

telephone sheep

Pinterest has over 70 pieces of jewelry, furniture, and other items people have crafted from e-waste. This is just a sampling. Click here to see them all.

telephone sheep

Sheep made out of old telephones in the Museum of Communication, Frankfurt, Germany. Green ICT resource @ecologee has visited the museum and tells me the herd does include the proverbial black sheep. (Image courtesy Rupert Ganzer)

Installation detail

Welcome to the Future is a " installation by Daniel Arsham [who] transforms the gallery into an excavation site, digging trench in the gallery’s floor that holds thousands of calcified artifacts—a muted cacophony of 20th century media devices." This concept echos the recent excavation of Atari's 30-year old video game e-waste site. Installation is on display in Miami, USA through 6 December 2014. (Image courtesy Locus Projects)

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Bonus Art:

Grant Johnson's compelling aerial and terrestrial images of our environment transformed by human activity