Green ICT at GLOBECOM 2015

The First IEEE International Workshop on Green Standardizations and Industry Issues for ICT and Relevant Technologies (GSICT) is being held in conjunction with the IEEE Global Communications Conference (GLOBECOM 2015). I'm honored to be one of two keynote speakers for the event.

Green ICT has grown in scope over the past 10 years to impact every aspect of global society, from advanced technologies to developing economies. This understanding of Green ICT presents opportunities for researchers, product developers, and service providers in both public and private sectors to contribute to lessening the impact ICT expansion is having on the planet’s physical and social environment. This keynote will examine the growth of Green ICT along several important vectors. The digital revolution in industries ranging from healthcare to broadcast has expanded the definition of ICT equipment and of ICT infrastructures. The recognition of Green ICT challenges has grown from facility-centric to embrace connectivity and edge gear. Green ICT is connected to social change through conflict minerals, ICT for development (ICT4D) and other movements. Thus, my talk's title: "Green ICT - Bigger than we ever imagined".

The "C" in Green ICT doesn't always get as much attention as the "I", but that is not the case at GSICT. Much of the program is focused on what we call Green Telecom. Some examples:

A Roadmap for a Green Interface Selection Standardization over Wireless HetNets
Wireless Powered Communications: Industry Demands and A User-Centric Energy-Efficient Approach
Evaluation of Potential Energy Efficiency Gain of 5G Wireless Networks
NGFI, The xHaul
Optimized Energy Procurement for Cellular Networks Powered by Smart Grid Based on Stochastic Geometry
Self-Powered Wireless Sensor Network for Environmental Monitoring

Please join me at GSICT on 6 December 2015!