Green ICT Stakeholders

"Green ICT - Bigger Than We Ever Imagined" is a talk I have been sharing with groups interested in exploring the full scope of Green ICT. We look at all the dimensions of Green ICT today. Across Core, Comm and Edge layers. Spanning ICT-intensive facilities from data centers to hospitals to telecom facilities. In the workplace and at home. From raw materials to end-of-life disposal. But Green ICT is so diverse in scope that there is always one more way to think about it.

Green ICT advocate Alis Daniela Torres offers another useful approach to Green ICT. She maps out stakeholder groups, identifying "Policy-making and Standardization bodies", "Industry associations", and "Big ICT companies".

Useful taxonomies like this provoke more questions.

How do ICT equipment registration and certification initiatives, like EPEAT and TCO Certified, fit into the stakeholder ecology?

What about the global network of independent Green ICT advocates like Ms. Torres and Vertatique?"

Then there are all sorts of Green ICT R&D activities in the public and private sectors, like the ones we report about in our Green ICT Innovations section.

Torres identifies others she thinks should become more engaged with Green ICT - "new stakeholders such as universities, professional associations or entrepreneurs."

Torres' piece also touches on one other topic relevant to the definition of Green ICT when she write about "...the potential of Green ICTs to reduce GHG emissions in key sectors of the economy: transport, energy and buildings; or to support climate adaptation efforts." There is a difference between GreenICT and ICT4Green. The former deals with sustainability within the ICT sector; the later with ICT contributing to sustainability in other sectors. Both are valuable topics and, fully implemented, ICT4Green can have a bigger impact on global sustainability than Green ICT. It is Green ICT that makes sure ICT4Green's ICT deployments are as sustainable as possible. Vertatique excludes ICT4Green from its work, not because it is an unworthy topic, but simply because the ever-expanding scope of Green ICT gives us enough to work on.

Thanks to Ms. Torres, I'm definitely adding a "Stakeholders" section to that talk!