CES: Greener Power Supplies and Batteries

The 2008 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which touts itself as the largest carbon-neutral trade show,  is featuring lots of "green gadgets". Vertatique will be tracking the news coming out of the show, please comment if you have specific experience with any of these devices. Our first CES post features companies offering a new generation of power supplies for computers and other devices. One, Green Plug, cites the following 2008 power supply statistics on its web site:

  • 3.2 billion external power supplies will be manufactured worldwide
  • 737 million external power supplies will be shipped to the U.S.
  • 434 million external power supplies will be retired in the U.S. alone and only 12.6% of them will be recycled, resulting in 379 million external power supplies going into U.S. landfills

Green Plug claims that is device-independent power hubs can reduce energy consumption through "collaboration" with the devices they power and will reduce e-waste by being reusable with multiple devices.

Marvell's 88EM8011 digital power factor correction (PFC) controller is another power supply technology touting its green credentials. You can view Marvell's green technology video on the product page.

ZPower is promoting its new silver-zinc batteries as a higher performance, non-toxic, recyclable/reusable alternative to lithium units.

Horizon is showing a prototype fuel cell charger for mobile devices.