Green Productions Directory

Vertatique's Green Productions Directory offers examples of different approaches toward sustainability by a variety of media productions.

Year Production Comments
2007-2009 Academy Awards telecast Includes information about NDRC partnership
2007-2008 Futurama DVDs NewsCorp/Fox has reduced production carbon emissions by 53% over the course of three feature-length releases
2006 Syriana "first major motion picture to be 'climate neutral'" based on production offsets
2006 An Inconvenient Truth "the first carbon-neutral documentary" based on production and promotion offsets
2005 Sweetland "the first independently produced American film that can be called carbon-neutral." The production's practices are on page 8 of its Press Notes Download.

Vertatique seeks additional productions with particularly unique or informative approaches to sustainable production, postproduction, and/or distribution.
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