The Surprising Scope of Personal E-Waste

E-devices are so pervasive in our lives that we might not consider the full potential of personal e-waste reduction. The British weighed in with a law that, according to Discover magazine, expands the e-waste definition to include electrical 'adult toys'. Individual manufacturers are also offering green devices.

In the United States, adult novelty company Dreamscapes is touting its "Adult Toy Recycling Program".

Update 2009.09.02:
Connecticut's The Daily Campus reports on adult e-toys featuring "rechargeable batteries, biodegradable packaging, and non-toxic materials", along with fair trade and organic products and Norwegian "eco-porn" offsets.

Update 2009.12.20
The Earth Angel vibrator from Irish company Caden Enterprise claims to be "the first ever adult toy to contain 'green' technology." Promoting the product with the tag line "Sustainable Pleasure", the company says, "Unlike traditional 'green' toys it will never require replacement batteries as it houses its own patented power core… A specially adapted key is fitted within the base and is extracted and turned to initiate the power core. A few quick turns ....... and hey presto!! ....... you have a fully charged, incredibly intense vibrator. All elements of THE EARTH ANGEL have been used with the environment in mind, from the internal parts to the outer packaging."