Green Skepticism

I'm under no illusion that enterprises don't try to secure advantage from the green initiatives featured in Vertatique and I believe it is appropriate for an organization to credibly promote its meaningful progress toward sustainability. But those seeking to do so should be mindful that they are facing a skeptical and savvy audience, according to a survey from Burst Media:

". . . one in five (22.7%) respondents say they seldom or never believe green claims made in advertisements. Two-thirds (65.3%) of respondents say they "sometimes" believe green claims made in advertisements . . . Skeptical consumers want to be able to investigate claims . . . that 41.6% of consumers frequently or occasionally research the claims made in green advertisements, with only 30.1% refraining from any further research."

There is no reason to believe B2B customers are any less alert to "greenwash" This a good argument for keeping it real.