Green Technology vs. Sustainable IT

Ted Samson writes in Infoworld that he has been reflecting on the difference between "green" and "sustainable".

"Green is understood to mean "environmentally friendly" and "energy efficient"; technology means "technology." So a server that uses 50 percent less energy than a rival machine while doing just as much work would be considered an example of green technology."

"Then there's sustainable technology. The idea is to not just haphazardly buy the newest, greenest products out there and stick them in your server rooms and on your desktops in a frantic effort to become green. Rather, it reflects planning and investing in a technology infrastructure that will serve your company's needs today and tomorrow, while helping your company save money on wasted resources . . ., make the best possible use of existing datacenter space so as to postpone having to build a new one; and reduce its overall environmental impact, which is both socially responsible and potentially advantageous . . . "