Greener Movie Productions

Paramount touted An Inconvenient Truth as the first carbon-neutral documentary and Syriana as the first carbon-neutral major motion picture.  What can we learn from these efforts . . .?

Carbon-neutral claims are often based on the purchase of "offsets" that supposedly invest in activities (like planting trees) which sequester an amount of carbon equal to that produced by the original activity.  Paramount's release talks about offsets which while quite worthy (renewable energy projects, sustainable economies, etc.), don't fit the this definition.

An Inconvenient Truth's creators emphasize that their production is a call-to-action.  It would be  helpful to future producers if we had more information about what actions where actually undertaken during the production to reduce carbon emissions and other waste.  Was renewable energy actually used for the production?  Was postproduction performed at facilities using renewable energy?  Any innovative approaches to transportation?  This information would be invaluable for building a set of sustainable best practices for media productions.

Read Paramount's full release.