Speaker Biography

Matt PetersonGreen ICT is the global effort toward better sustainability in the creation and use of information and communications technologies. Matt Peterson is an engaging technology executive and entrepreneur who brings Green ICT perspectives to diverse audiences in industries ranging from media to biotech to real estate. He draws upon a wide range of material and global ICT experience to directly address each audience's interests and best utilize each format, from talks and panels to social media thought leadership and contemporary communications events. Organizations planning, implementing, and communicating Green ICT programs can use Matt's presentations to engage and motivate stakeholders. Organizations seeking a unique topic to add depth to events on other ICT topics or for general audiences can also benefit.

For organizations

  • Green ICT Overview - Technologies and Practices
  • How to Plan and Execute a Successful Green ICT Initiative
  • Green ICT Beyond the Data Center
  • Green ICT Beyond Energy Efficiency
  • Green ICT in SOHO
  • Green ICT: Global Perspectives
  • Using Social Media In Green ICT
  • If We're Going to Be Naked, We'd Better Be Buff: Keeping Green ICT Real

For general audiences

A Star Died So I Could Have An iPad)

This illustrated talk introduces the sustainability issues embedded in our use of mobile devices by taking audiences from the Big Bang through the creation of rare elements in deep space to their appearance in our devices. That opening segment engages people in the subsequent exploration of contemporary topics embodied in our device use, including conflict minerals, resource scarcity, energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, e-waste, and others. The final segment talks about ways that people can align their use of devices at home and work with their sustainability aspirations.

Matt's website and blog, vertatique.com, is an internationally-recognized Green ICT resource visited by people from 100 countries every month. His Twitter feed, @GreenICT, is regularly assessed by wefollow.com as one of the most influential worldwide for #GreenIT. Two-thirds of site visitors and Twitter followers are outside of the United States. Matt's perspectives on technology have been shared with audiences and published worldwide. He has been quoted in USA Today, New York Times, and Wired. He also leads events for busines partners, such as the webniar about Green ICT in China.

How Matt came to create Vertatique.