How to Contribute

Vertatique's purpose is to share information, encourage discussion, and spur action to advance sustainability in computing and media industries and services. You can advance the mission by enriching Vertatique with your thoughts and knowledge.

Comment Submit

Comment on the information you find here and suggest additional material for posting. Case studies about sustainable technologies, practices, and facilities are particularly valuable - actions speak louder than words!

Update 2015: We have turned off public comments. Dealing with all that spam became too much work.

Please email your comment and we will post it. Please let us know the title of the post to which you are contributing.

Thank you for your understanding.

Submissions are welcome via email. I particularly welcome information about:
 - Sustainability issues and progress for specialty equipment and e-devices such as media, biomedical, telecom
 - Sustainable media production/distribution practices
 - GreenICT outside of the United States and Europe
 - Unique and uncommon GreenICT topics, activities, etc.
 - Case studies (user stories are often more interesting than product information)
 - We value our readers' efforts to check our math, validate our methodologies, and challenge our interpretations -- it's how we all improve!

Please include links in your comment or email to online information about the topic where possible. I appreciate and review each submission; but there is no guarantee any particular one will generate a post.