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ICT Facilities Look to Renewables

ICT facilities of all kinds are increasingly looking to complement energy efficiency with sourcing renewable energy. We found ISPs already using renewables when we launched Veratique in 2007 and a couple of years later noted the first US television station to use wind power. Now we see diesel being replaced by renewables to power remote telecom facilities. Data centers are also part of the trend.

In July 2010, Google announced, "We just completed a substantial 20-year green Power Purchase Agreement that allows us to take responsibility for our footprint and foster true growth in the renewable energy sector...we will begin purchasing the clean energy from 114 megawatts of wind generation...this power is enough to supply several data centers."

Microsoft reports that its Quincy, Washington and Dublin, Ireland datacenters "rely on 100 percent renewable power sources (hydropower in Quincy and wind power in Dublin)."

Greenpeace says, "Both Yahoo! and Google seem to understand the importance of a renewable energy supply, with Yahoo! siting most of its data centres near sources of renewable energy, and Google is directly signing power purchasing agreements for renewable energy and investing in solar and wind energy projects in many US states as well as Germany. Their models should be employed and improved upon by other Internet ("cloud computing") companies."

ZDNet reports that Next Generation Data's "...newly opened 750,000 square foot data center in Wales has contracted with a renewable energy supplier to ensure that all of the energy that powers the new facility is generated from renewable energy sources...including biogas, landfill gas, wind and hydropower."

Despite these advances, the cloud still has a way to go before it turns from brown to green.