ICT4D in the United States

VNL Halifax solar base stationOur coverage of ICT4D - information and communications technology for development - has been tracking the deployment of renewable-powered mobile base stations as an alternative to diesel power in remote areas. There are now tens of thousands of these sites, primarily in Asia. One player in this space, Indian telecom equipment manufacturer Vihaan Networks Limited (VNL) , is bringing this technology to rural America. This is a great example of global cross-fertilization within ICT4D.

VNL announced in February 2014 that it partnered with Mid-Atlantic Broadband Communities Corporation (MBC) and Gamewood Technologies Group on "...the launch of a wireless broadband pilot project in the Town of Halifax, Virginia to test the capability of Vihaan Networks Limited (VNL) solar powered Wi-Fi equipment to provide wireless broadband access throughout the town...The Halifax project incorporates VNL’s unique WorldGSMTM Rural Site and Village Site solutions, which utilize solar power to run the wireless network. The wireless system is connected to MBC’s open-access fiber optic transport network that provides dedicated connectivity from the solar powered base station to Gamewood’s Internet Network." VNL says of its WorldGSM solution, "At less than 50 watts per village base station, the entire system can be run on solar power — independent of the power grid. No diesel generator is required."

VNL and Green ICT
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Image courtesy VNL