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Impact of Green Data Centers

A Pike Research report says that the trend to greener data centers will yield a significant GHG slowdown as well as drive a substantial market opportunity. Here are some of the top-line numbers from Pike.

"The widespread adoption of energy efficient data center technologies and best practices could significantly limit the growth of emissions of greenhouse gases (GHGs) from data centers over the next several years. If current trends continue, GHG emissions from data centers are expected to total 1326 million tons of carbon dioxide-equivalent; green data center best practices could reduce that total to 1156 tons, a difference of 13% compared to the business-as-usual trend, according to the cleantech market intelligence firm’s analysis."

"Data center operators are exploring new ideas related to business models, facility construction, layout and design, air flow dynamics, new technology, and monitoring and management tools…along with newly adopted developments in power and cooling infrastructure, servers, storage, and data center infrastructure management software tools…"

"Pike Research forecasts that the green data center will offer an annual market opportunity that exceeds $45 billion worldwide by 2016. The Asia Pacific region is projected to have the highest revenue growth through 2016, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of just under 30% between 2011 and 2016. Double-digit revenue growth is also projected for Europe and North America (CAGRs of almost 27% for both markets)."

You can learn about some of the air-flow and cooling advances by click the "HVAC" tag at the top of this post. Another emerging option, used largely in Europe right now, is to reuse data center heat to limit GHG from building/campus/municipal heating.

What customers look for in a green data center

Click the "Green Data Center" tag at the top of this post for all of Vertatique's information about green data centers.