Italian Wine, Green ICT, and Accurate Information

Mega data centers are capturing much Green ICT press these days, so it is useful to remember that more modest enterprises can benefit as well. Monte Vibiano is a family-owned wine and olive oil producer that is taking an aggressive approach to Green ICT. Vibiano's actions include:

Conversion to renewable energy: on-site solar

Use of virtualization to reduce 4 servers to 2: 38% reduction in server energy consumption*

Implementation of more sustainable printing technologies and practices

Increased use of online communications tools to reduce travel

Vibiano's "360 Green" site - Microsoft Case Study

* Vertatique tries to make the extra effort to track news reports back to source material to insure the most accurate information possible. This post is a good case in point in how difficult it can be to reconcile information from multiple sources.

I originally heard about the Vibiano case study from a tweet linking to a 'Reuters' article that said "Using...virtualization..., Monte Vibiano was able to cut the number of servers in use by half, and reduce the energy used by the remaining servers by 38 percent." A reader could interpret this as a ~88% energy savings: ~50% from a server count reduction of 50% and 38% on the remaining two servers. That would be an extraordinary accomplishment for virtualization of a 4-server installation, yet neither the Vibiano nor the Microsoft sources I tracked down and cited above reference a higher total savings or explicitly assigns the 38% savings to the "remaining" servers.

Turns out that article was not original Reuters work: Reuters sourced the article from, which in turn sourced it from an affiliate site. I chose to go with my more conservative interpretation of the source material, but would appreciate clarification from anyone involved.

I have received preliminary confirmation from a source close to the original case study that 38% does, in fact, represent the total energy reduction.

Total energy reduction

38% is the total energy reduction

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