Media Production's Footprint

The creation of ICT content - software and e-media - is part of ICT's footprint of resource input and waste output. A 2009 UK report, while dated, is still helpful in scoping the size and structure of media industry footprints.

The Green Screen report says, "The total carbon footprint of London’s screen production industry is approximately 125,000 tonnes a year. This is roughly equivalent to the annual emissions from almost 24,000 homes." (This number excludes international and employee travel, other e-media such as digital music, and the distribution and presentation of film and video content.) The report estimates that the industry will emit nearly 140,000 tones by 2025 if the industry does not take action.

The report's breakdown by activity:
40% Studio emissions
28% TV and film production activites
17% Location shoots
15% Post production emissions

Rehearsal space and stages account for over half of studio emmissions.

The reports details various tactics to lower GHG emissions and estimates how much each tactic might contribute toward an overall reduction goal. Our Sustainable Media Creation Practices page offers tactics specific to production and post production and links to green media guides from around the world. Click on the 'Green media' tag above for information about sustainability in broadcast and other e-media sectors.

(Thanks to @HSpongPR for tracking down this report.)