More on Telework and Telecommuting

Of all the Green ICT topics I covered at the recent Sustainable Real Estate Development Conference (SREDC), the concept of "telework centers" generated the most discussion among the real estate professionals. Telework centers are a way of bringing work to people instead of bring people to work while offering more robust infrastructure support than telecommuting from home. Learn more about telework and telecommuting from

Vertatique's SREDC materials.

Also, check out the work being done by Michael Shear, founder of Pockets Distributed Workplace Alternatives, Inc. Michael has helped me evolve my thinking on this topic and the Pockets site offers useful source material.

More Data on Telework

According to WorldatWork, "Telework grew considerably in the U.S., from 30 percent of organizations saying they offered it to employees in 2007 to 42 percent this year. In Canada, the increase was even more significant, from 25 percent to 40 percent." More at

IT Business Edge Interiew


I am glad to have helped lend another perspective. This past week I attended the Drake Conference on Innovation and Leadership where the Graduate students in the Certified Public Management program presented how distributed workplace might benefit the greater Des Moines area communities. A link to a video of there presentation is

Yesterday, Carl Weinschenk of IT Business Edge published an article, 'Rethinking Telework Centers' after a brief interview. It can be viewed at

I look forward to future opportunities where we may work together.

Best regards,

Michael Shear

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