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Post Magazine Sources Vertatique Perspective on Media Industry

Matt Peterson runs the Website Veratique (, which focuses on greening tips and research regarding the post, broadcast and IT industries. He says, “Our analysis of national and global corporate sustainability rankings show that IT and communications companies typically outnumber media companies five to one in the top tiers. This is now changing, meaning more pressure is on media service operations to adopt sustainability specific to production and post workflows. Over 30 percent of facilities tell us that they already have such sustainability programs. These include requirements for hardware vendors, primarily focused on energy consumption and hazardous waste reduction.”

Vertatique Online - 2010

Vertatique analysis of ICT gear life-cycle C02e cited in presentation How educational institutions can provide national leadership in reducing CO2 (Nov 2010, Netherlands)

Direction Informatique cited our post Swiss Data Center Heats Municipal Swimming Pool in its article Centres de données: Des initiatives planétaires (Jul 2010, Canada)

Consumer media device recycling analysis featured by International Electronics Recovery Coalition (IERC) (Sep 2010, Canada)

Analysis cited by Green Cloud CEO Eirikur Hrafnsson in ZDNet post "58% Coal is still 58% Coal" (Sep 2010, Iceland)

Original work cited in ITBusinessEdge's "Time to Make Peace with PUE?" (Sep 2010, USA)

Referenced in CRN's "SSDs Jump to the Next Level" (Aug 2010, USA)

Diary of a Smart Chick reviews Vertatique (Jul 2010, USA)

RSS feed republished by open4energy (USA).

Hollywood Post Alliance offers Vertatique's Sustainable Media Practices and Technologies

Green Media
This is a new feature where HPA members can learn about sustainable media technologies and practices through a new section on Located in the members-only area of the site, it features short reports of particular interest to the HPA community from, the website of Sustainable Information and Communications Technology (Green ICT). This new benefit is a regular feature which can help you improve the efficiency of your operations and meet growing stakeholder expectations for sustainability leadership. is published by Scenic Wonders, Inc. and produced by Matt Peterson.

Hollywood Post Alliance's HPA Newsline
3 June 2009

Studio Daily notes Vertatique's Green Media Products Directory

Due to the strong interest at HPA Tech Retreat, says Matt Peterson of Vertatique, he has started compiling an industry directory of media equipment manufacturers based on their sustainability programs. Peterson points out that the directory is in an early stage, and hopes that interested members of the community will encourage their manufacturers to submit listings.

A directory seems like a great idea and a good start for driving industry-wide acceptance of greener, more sustainable technology. Let Matt–and us–know what you think.

Green Power Gets a Directory
Debra Kaufman - Studio Daily Blogs - 10 March 2009

Studio Daily covers Matt Peterson's HPA session

Going green was an issue discussed by Matt Peterson from Vertatique (, who spoke about the need for sustainability in the film/TV industry—and not simply for altruistic reasons. “There are lots of external factors bearing down including regulatory and competitive advantages,” he said. Servers now consume more electricity than TVs, he reported. “Data centers/media cores consume 20 to 30 times more energy per square foot than typical office space,” he said. “The faster we spin disks and run processors, [the more] we’re generating a boatload of heat.” Peterson spoke about green practices for productions as well as post houses, and touched upon some of the more egregious sources of a large carbon footprint. “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it,” he advised. “The HPA community is only at 15 percent in working with external partners for program monitoring and management. And keep it real: it can be green-wash if it isn’t done with a results-oriented approach.”

HPA Tech Retreat: The Digital Turn-On in an Economic Meltdown
Studio Daily - 25 February 2009

USC's Entertainment Technology Center

One of the morning speakers was industry vet Matt Peterson, who started Vertatique ( to share information and spur action to advance sustainability in the creation and use of computing, media, and e-devices.

He said: “As technologists, we have an obligation to think about the social implications of what we do.”

Having polled HPA attendees, he reported that about 1/3 had a green ICT initiative (but not all participated.)

Peterson said energy costs are driving 2-30% of facilities’ ICT budgets, and about 50% of ICT energy goes to heat removal.

He suggested green media production practices, such as: Digital deployment, stage and set practices, and location practices.

Vertatique Online - 2007

Sourced by David Both for Linux contribution to sustainability (Dec 2007, NC-USA)

"Approved URL" by (Germany).

Invited by Redwood Visions to contribute on "Green Technologies and Open Source" (Nov 2007, CA-USA)

CIBER newsletter covers Matt Peterson's sustainable real estate talk

Matthew Peterson, a principal at [Vertatique] Green Computing and Media, urged companies to commit the necessary resources, align their priorities with the requirements of regulatory bodies around the world, and deliver what they promise. “There are no exemptions in the global environment,“ he said.

University of Wisconsin School of Business
Center for International Education and Research (CIBER) Newsletter - Fall 2007

WTN sources Vertatique for green computing article

Peterson has been involved in “green computing” through the Vertatique project, an effort to share information about sustainability in computing and electronic media. He believes the concept is achievable and eventually could be used to transform existing data centers . . .. Peterson acknowledged that Yahoo and Google believe some of the information about their green data centers is a proprietary competitive advantage, but he said others such as Sun Microsystems approach their green computing work more openly. . . “I think it's very achievable,” Peterson said. “The technology and practices to do so are pretty well defined. There is a lot of work being done on this elsewhere in the country, especially in California.”

Wisconsin Technology Network - 23 Jul 2007

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