Oracle: Data Center Sustainability Improving

Oracle's latest Next Generation Data Centre Index compares today's situation ("C2") with that of a year ago ("C1") for Europe and the Middle East. Findings are positive but mixed from a Green ICT perspective.

On one hand, Oracle reports that "Sustainability is also back on the agenda for 2012 as businesses react either out of a need for a demonstrable green policy for governance reasons, or to reduce spiraling energy bills related to their IT use. In a direct Cycle 1 (C1) to Cycle 2 (C2) comparison, the overall Sustainability Index has risen from being lowest to joint top among the sub-indices…Only 6.4 percent of respondents say they do not have a sustainability plan [or statement] linked to data centre use, compared to 13.2 percent in C1." (See chart, right.)

On the other, Oracle found that not every sustainability initiative has teeth. According to the survey results supplied to me by Oracle (below), only 59% of managers in C2 had some visibility on their data center energy use. "…almost 10 percent of respondents also doubt that anyone else sees a copy of the bill for data centre energy usage."

"The Nordics and [Germany-Switzerland] lead the way on sustainability, each with a Sustainability Index of 6.57; Benelux follows with 5.76, while the UK is below average on 5.4."

Image courtesy Oracle

Thank you to Steve Walker of Oracle EMEA for sharing these detailed results:

We asked the question: Does your organisation have a formal sustainability plan?

The answers were
· Full statement and a plan to support it: 22%
· Basic statement and a plan to support it: 30%
· Full statement, but no plan: 24%
· Basic statement, no plan: 18%
· No plan in place: 6% (actually 6.38%)

We asked the question: Do you know the energy usage of your data centre environment?

The answers were:

· I use energy metering…to fully understand how energy is being used: 10%
· I receive a copy of the organisation’s energy bill with the data centre usage…split out: 25%
· I use “plate values” to calculate a nominal energy basis…: 24%
· No – it is someone else’s responsibility: 26%
· No – and I doubt anyone does: 10%
· Don’t know: 5%